More apps

We’ve had the pleasure to add 49 more animated characters to Kofola’s Penozrouti 2 app and create the animations for the indie game Boogieball.


Kofola app

150 animated characters and several promotional videos were created in cooperation with the illustrator Jan Vajda for Kofola’s latest app.


Datová Lhota

We have created three episodes of a TV series for Česká televize together with the talented illustrator Jan Střelec. See a short sneak peek of the pilot episode.

DL 1
DL 2
DL 3
DL 4
DL 5

Eurochild Level Up

The adventure of Max and Laura for Eurochild. Created together with the talents of WithoutViolence, Claudia Cruz, Justin Hamilton Salem, Alan Shamsudin, Mother Volcano and AIM Studios.


See our 2013 animated short film now on Vimeo.

Maják tour dates

List of festivals showing our animated short film Maják:

18.5.2014 Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon

3.6.2014 Zlín Film Festival, Zlín, Czech Republic

11.6.2014 RABBITKIDS, Perugia, Italy

30.6.2014 Neum Animated Film Festival, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

20.9.2014 Muestra de cortos de animacion, Tenerife, Spain

23.10.2014 Banja Luka Animated Film Festival, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1.11.2014 World Animation Celebration, Hollywood, California

8.11.2014 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards, Taipei, Taiwan

19.11.2014 Animated Dreams, Tallinn, Estonia

24.11.2014 Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, Lahore, Pakistan

8.3.2015 Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran

12.3.2015 #VOFF5: Animated Worlds

26.3.2015 Athens Animation Festival, Athens, Greece

20.8.2015 Anibar Animation Festival, Peja, Kosovo


Dear friends,
we would like to invite you to the premiere of our animated short film Maják, that will take place on the 26.6.2013 at 19:30 in Kino Světozor, Prague. We’re looking forward to meeting you there.

Majak invitation

Anifilm 04

Kovofilm does Anifilm 04 festival intro. View here. Minimalism.

Anifilm 04

Promiscuous recycling bins

A fun quickie project we did over the course of 3 weeks. Animation was done to a large degree by capturing the movement of analog sticks on a Xbox controller and applying it onto the bins with a bit of keyframe animation afterwards. Get up and shake the garbage.

Ekokom DJ

London Booster

For David Cerny’s London Booster sculpture, we prepared a 5 minute long animation of fluid that is playing in the windows of the bus. In the beginning, it has the form of the painting by Frantisek Kupka, “Dvoubarevna fuga”, but soon melts into a mix of blue and red that sometimes tends to resemble the Union Jack. The most important part was matching the movements of the hydraulic system with the liquid simulation, making the inside of the bus look like a liquid tank. The London Booster will be in operation from 9:00 – 21:00 every day during the London 2012 Olympics in front of the Czech House, 52 Upper Street in Islington, London, but for those unable to see it live we have a short video demonstrating our part of the work.

Group shot in London